Buddy System Instructional Video with Sharon Mann and Marc Lebert
The Lebert BUDDY SYSTEM™ is something that needs to be felt! This video with Marc Lebert and Sharon Mann working together show you the basic rowing, rotation and muscle strength/ endurance moves with proper form and moving seamlessly from one exercise to another. It can be as tough as you want it to be and definitely a whole new way to train! Have fun!
Corrective Exercises For Reducing Common Aches and Pains
Use this book as a quick reference guide to to help you or your clients alleviate common aches, pains and exercise related soreness. Follow these three simple methods to help you balance out the body; a foam rolling routine, a corrective exercise routine and a static stretch routine.
Definitive Guide eVersion
The Definitive Guide to Youth Athletic Strength, Conditioning and Performance features top advice from health and fitness experts from across the country on the subjects of total body health, fitness and nutrition for children and youth. The authors will offer health and fitness tips for kids ranging from preschool age to college student athletes.
EQ Bundle
Lebert Equalizer
The Equalizer is perfect for strength training in a fitness class setting, home gym or as a tool for personal trainers. Color - PINK
Lebert Equalizer Instructional Video with Sharon Mann and Marc Lebert
This Beginner/Intermediate instructional video with Marc Lebert and internationally renowned fitness expert and presenter Sharon Mann will show you a simple and effective warm-up and the essential EQUALIZER™ strength training exercises.
Lebert Stretch Strap Instructional Video with Sharon Mann and Marc Lebert
This video shows how the Lebert STRETCH STRAP™ can assist basic stretches to make them more effective and comfortable. The unique figure-eight design with handles makes it easy to hold onto which keeps the focus on the breathing and the stretching. And the length of the strap makes it perfect to keep a neutral spine while performing hamstring and other stretches. Enjoy!
Youth Conditioning Video-Digital Download
Our *new* Instructional Video by fitness professionals Marc Lebert and David Kittner is out and available in digital download format! Lebert Fitness Youth Strength and Conditioning shows three Strength and Conditioning programs with the EQUALIZER™ and BUDDY SYSTEM™.